Make Your Digital Content Marketable,
Actionable and Measurable

Socxly is way more than just a Short Link tool. It helps you make it smarter to share and measure all actions on the link.

It drives user engagement and action on your short links with associated CTA banners, Conversion codes and UTM trackers.

Measure the performance of Short Links & CTA Banners through impressions, clicks, traffic and conversions.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

Social Card

  • Spruce up the OG Content for your Short Link
  • Make it Presentable before Sharing
  • Make Images Clickable on Social Media
  • Create more Engagement and Traffic

CTA Banner

  • Create Branded CTA (Call To Action) Banners
  • Drive visibility for your Brand and Campaign
  • Redirect Users to your Landing Pages
  • Associate Multiple Short Links to a Banner
  • Measure Impressions, Clicks, Traffic & Conversion

File Upload

  • Upload a File and Create a Short Link
  • Make your File Link Shareable & Trackable
  • Associate File Link with Smart Socxly Features
  • Share File Link as Content on Social Media
  • Track Clicks and Measure Downloads

Post Share

  • Add a Post Text before Sharing
  • Share your Socxly Links to Social Media Apps
  • Copy/Share to Email & Other Apps
  • Market/Promote your Socxly Short Links
  • Measure Engagement & Attribution

Remarketing - Facebook Pixel Code, LinkedIn Insight Tag & Twitter Website Tag

  • Set up Retarget Codes
  • Associate with Multiple Short Links
  • Fire it when users click on the Short Links
  • Build your Custom Audience for Remarketing
  • Target relevant audience for better Conversion
Smart Link
Custom Domain



  • Add Custom Domain: 1
  • Associate Users: 0



  • Add Custom Domain: 2
  • Associate Users: 2



  • Add Custom Domain: 3
  • Associate Users: 4

All Prices in USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are SmartLinks?

SmartLinks are a suite of products integrated as one which helps you change the plain vanilla URL shorteners to do much more than just shorten your long URLs. They make your links, look better, read better, be on brand/topic, present better with relevant images, track and remarket, link downloadable files, trigger Call to Action banners on third party links and much more.

What is a Social Card?

A Social card allows you to choose an image, title, and description of your choice that will be displayed on social media platforms when you share your content across your social media. It gives you the power to post images as clickable links across channels instead of posting images and links separately. They impact the way your links are presented.

What is a Third Party CTA Banner?

A Call-to-Action Banner is a piece of content. But when you have the power to add a CTA banner on third party content, you maximise the potential to get traffic back to your site from relevant third party content you serve on your Social Media Channels.

How do I track the activity on Links?

Socxly is more than just a short URL creator. You can add a UTM/URI parameter to your short URL and generate a QR code for the same. So every time there is a click, you will know which link gave you the traffic and which content users have engaged with.

Why choose Socxly?

This is the only Link Creation and Management platform in the world, that lets you take control of how you share content and extract best value for the content marketing dollars you spend in terms of your own and third-party contextual content.